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The Third Tourism Strategy Study Group:Prof. Yoshiaki Honpo, former (first) Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency


The Third Tourism Strategy Study Group was held on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 with Prof. Yoshiaki Honpo, the former (first) commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency, delivering a lecture on the theme of “Tourism policy of Tokyo." Following his lecture,Prof. Honpo, who currently serves as a Research Professor on tourism policy at Tokyo Metropolitan University, the Chief of UNWTO's Japan Office and Special Adviser of Japan Tourism Agency, had discussions with the audience from the participating companies.

In his lecture, Prof. Honpo, based on foreign tourist arrival data, said that Tokyo's position in tourism is on par with Seoul and New York and within reach of Paris, and gave the assessment that Japan's tourism administration can be viewed as best practice in tourism administration even by international standards. Going forward, it is necessary to develop policies based on strong leadership and profound knowledge built on the core of Tokyo's lifestyle, which is its charm, in order for the city to further revitalize its tourism and cited the example of Kyoto for its advanced initiatives. Further, Prof. Honpo said that Japan, which till now was a source market, would turn into a destination market and in order to create a more attractive market it is important for the industry, government and academia to collaborate and develop a forum to interact.

In the Q&A session that followed the lecture, the participating companies introduced the various measures being taken by them, which was followed by lively exchange of opinions. Among the participants, “Urban development, which addresses the issues of disasters and disaster prevention with respect to overseas tourists, has become important," said an official from real estate developer, and with the rise in room rates the return on investment period has become shorter resulting in “improved investment and financing environment for hotels," said a mega bank official.

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