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Report on the Sixth Ideathon: Business models

Mr.Haruo Shimada , 
Chairperson of Tokyo Metropolitan University
Mr.Haruo Shimada ,
Chairperson of Tokyo Metropolitan University

As part of its tourism strategy project and to nurture entrepreneurship, Tokyo Metropolitan University is holding a program of eight Ideathons for students.

The Sixth Ideathon was held on Thursday, October 17, 2019. During the second half of the program, participants will identify issues, develop business ideas, formulate business models and business plans, and deliver their pitch, all based on the following theme: "Solutions for tourism issues in Tokyo."

At the start of this session, Mr. Haruo Shimada, Chairperson of Tokyo Metropolitan University, spoke on the Silicon Valley ecosystem and the platform providers that dominate global markets.

Business Models session

In this Business Models session, students used the Business Model Canvas to assemble business models describing topics like anticipated customer segments and revenue flows, based on ideas developed in groups in the previous session. In the next session, they will formulate business plans based on these business models.

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