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Report on the Fifth Ideathon: Identification of issues

Facilitator: Mr. Hideki Matsushita,
representative director of UNIQ TABLE Inc.
Facilitator: Mr. Hideki Matsushita,
representative director of UNIQ TABLE Inc.

As part of its tourism strategy project and to nurture entrepreneurship, Tokyo Metropolitan University is holding a program of eight Ideathons for students.

The Fifth Ideathon was held on Thursday, October 3, 2019. This marked the first session of the second half of the program, which will conclude with its eighth session. During the second half, based on lessons learned in the first half of the program, participants will identify issues, develop business ideas, formulate business models and business plans, and deliver their pitch, all based on the following theme: "Solutions for tourism issues in Tokyo."

The session began with time for each participant to make a list of issues that interested him or her. Participants were then asked to propose six issues they wished to explore further. The students who proposed issues presented their backgrounds and the reasons for selecting their issues, then split up into teams for extemporaneous discussions on each issue.


After participants split up into teams, each group simulated working at a startup company, with the proposer serving as CEO and other team members serving as founding members. Each simulated company then proposed and discussed various business ideas.

In the next session, these business ideas will be refined using the Business Model Canvas.

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