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Report on the First Ideathon: The 2019 startup development program tourism Ideathon begins


The first Ideathon of the 2019 academic year was held on May 16. This year’s Ideathon program will consist of nine sessions, with a total of 26 participants recruited publicly from undergraduate and graduate students at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Keio University, Hosei University, and Hitotsubashi University (listed in no particular order).

As a program intended to train future startup entrepreneurs and tourism industry leaders, plans call for introducing startups, providing basic knowledge about tourism, considering tourism-related business ideas in teams and making presentations to venture capitalists and other parties. The activities include brainstorming sessions with startup managers.

This first Ideathon began with an opening message for the program from Mr. Haruo Shimada, Chairperson of Tokyo Metropolitan University, which organized the event. Mr. Shimada discussed current geopolitical conditions surrounding Japan and current trends in Israel, known as a hotbed for startups.

Mr. Hideki Matsushita of UNIQ TABLE


Next, the program facilitator, Mr. Hideki Matsushita of UNIQ TABLE, described the nature and goals of this year’s program and presented an Introduction to Startups.

During the Introduction to Startups, in addition to learning about the distinguishing features of startups and their fund-raising methods and the role of venture capital, participants split into teams to consider what to include in the materials used when making a pitch to venture capitalists. They then presented their conclusions. Following the presentations, they compared their findings to actual pitch materials from the initial stages of overseas startups that already had completed their IPOs to see if they had missed anything in their team activities. The session concluded with an introduction to growth rate and growth speed, two important indicators for startups. Participants listened with enthusiasm from start to finish.

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