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Seeking those who want to take on the challenges of generating new tourism


Accounting for many of the innovations that enrich our lives, startups are expected to play active roles in creating businesses in undeveloped markets. While presenting high growth potential, the tourism industry must also generate new and unique businesses. Now, when so many companies both in tourism and other industries are striving to develop new businesses, there is a need not just for startup entrepreneurs, but for human resources imbued with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Tokyo Metropolitan University has hosted nine startup development programs for undergraduate and graduate students, intended to train startup entrepreneurs and future leaders of the tourism industry. Through activities like brainstorming and Ideathons featuring guest startup entrepreneurs speaking on the topic of the tourism industry and its high growth potential, these programs provide opportunities for participants to learn from and stimulate each other. We hope to attract an even wider range of participants.

Overview of the Ideathons

  • Dates: May 16 (Thursday), May 30 (Thursday), June 13 (Thursday), June 27 (Thursday), October 3 (Thursday), October 17 (Thursday), November 7 (Thursday), November 28 (Thursday), December and later (venture capital observation and review)
  • Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • Venues: near Shinjuku Station
  • Contents
    1. Kickoff (Session 1)
    2. Lectures on the tourism industry (Session 2)
    3. Dialogue with startup entrepreneurs (Session 3, 4)
    4. Ideathons (Sessions 5, 6, 7)
    5. Overview (Session 8)
    6. Venture capital observation and review (Session 9)
  • Participants
    1. Startup entrepreneurs
    2. Applicants
    3. Other interested businesses

Address applications or inquiries to:

Urban Challenges Strategy Organization Office, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Major participating companies in the 2018 academic year:

Umari Inc. (project design); Standard Transaction Co., Ltd. (blockchain); Sentan Bio (biotechnology); 81plus Inc. (branding, IoT); MATCHA Inc. (platform for visitors to Japan); Zens Inc. (home vacation rental services); ShareWing, Inc. (shrine and temple tours, stays in temples, pilgrims’ lodging); Shizen Energy Inc. (natural energy); WealthNavi Inc. (robo-advisor services for asset management); Virgin Group Co. (promoting/creating social businesses); Kodomo Shokudo Support Organization (Kodomo Shokudo)

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