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The Third Ideathon “Tourism x IoT”  Guest speaker Mr. Iwamoto Yoshiki, CEO of 81plus Inc.

Mr. Yoshiki Iwamoto, CEO of 81plus Inc.
Mr. Yoshiki Iwamoto, CEO of 81plus Inc.

The third Ideathon was held on Monday, July 9, with the guest speaker Mr. Yoshiki Iwamoto, CEO of 81plus Inc.


Mr. Yoshiki Iwamoto, CEO of 81plus Inc.

Born in Tokyo and grew up in Yokohama. Entered NEC Personal Products, Ltd. and engaged in product strategy/planning and new projects for PCs and tablets. After becoming independent, he worked as CX director and business leader for NEC Lenovo Japan Group, XPJP.Inc, General Foundation Shibuya Tourism Organizations, Curations Inc., and other companies and associations. In October 2017, he founded 81plus Inc. and became representative director. He has been participating in Future Design Shibuya (General Incorporated Foundation) since April 2018.



Designing Customers’ Experiences

Mr. Iwamoto was in charge of product strategy/planning and new projects for PCs and tablets at NEC Personal Products, Ltd., and became independent in 2016. Having 6 different business cards and using them for different purposes, he has been working in producing various projects with a mission of “designing customers’ experiences based on possibility-creating style, not based on problem-solving style.” For the KEY SPEECH, he spoke mainly on tourism-related businesses.


Diamond Route Japan

He takes part as CX Director in “Diamond Route Japan,” a branding business targeted to foreign tourists on a new extensive sightseeing route linking prefectures of Fukushima, Tochigi, and Ibaraki. He has designed customers’ experiences by deploying step-by-step digital strategy in tourists’ decision-making processes on their destination. In the “Diamond Route Japan” project, he cooperates with Google LLC to conduct digital marketing. Based on the results of digital marketing activities, he produced 5 emotional video contents with foreigner’s view point; “History,” “Outdoor,” “Nature,” “Healthy,” and “Digest”, and delivered them to the targeted audiences. The total number of their views reached more than 20.8 million, which means this information transmission achieved high cost-effectiveness.

He conducted pioneering tourism promotion campaign by making emotional video contents with the foreigners viewpoint on landscape and practices which are quite ordinary for the locals, and disseminating them to suitable targets through digital marketing methods. This campaign was highly valued by various circles.


AR Project at Kyoto Nijo Castle

In 2017, the sesquicentennial of Taisei Hokan (the restoration of political authority to the Emperor), AR tour with animation characters was held as a limited-period project at Nijo Castle in Kyoto. By using PHAB2 Pro, the participants could see animation characters as if they really exist in the real world, and could learn about the history and buildings of Nijo Castle in an enjoyable way together with the characters.

Unfortunately, you cannot try it any more as the project was only for limited period, however, Mr. Iwamoto expected that this kind of AR navigation will grow popular in the future to help making tourists’ activities more personal.



For the “PLAY! DIVERSITY SHIBUYA” project launched by Shibuya Tourism Organizations, he developed an application “SHIBUYA BEACON NETWORK” using BEACON* for helping tourists to wander and communicate in Shibuya.

*BEACON: transmitter using “Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)”  which is short-distance wireless technology with low power consumption.

Shibuya is widely known among foreigners and you see many postings with Shibuya photos on SNS. Many of those are from famous Shibuya scramble crossing, and other charming points of Shibuya are not appealed enough. Also, since there are not many hotels in Shibuya area, tourists visiting there concentrate in day time. It is a challenge for Shibuya how it could attract tourists during night time.

Application “SHIBUYA PUBLIC BEACON PLATFORM” has been developed to solve the above-mentioned issues, and it can grasp visitors’ activity ranges and offer appropriate information to each visitor. Now Mr. Iwamoto collaborates with various companies and associations to deliver information on the attractiveness of Shibuya.


Three Important Powers for Creating Businesses

Mr. Iwamoto mentioned “power to feel,”, “power to scheme,” and “power to involve” as the important powers required when creating businesses. He introduces the cutting-edge technologies to his projects, but these 3 important powers couldn’t be replaced with technologies.



At the Ideathon after the KEY SPEECH, the participants had discussion on the 2 themes proposed by Mr. Iwamoto. Same as the previous Ideathon, the participants were divided in teams and later each team presented their idea, which are following :


Think of tricks for tourists to discover local charms “unexpectedly”

Idea 1: Tourist matching service (real SNS) using Beacon.

→Add a function of “Looking for travel mate” into the application to create opportunities to find new friends by matching tourists with each other or with local people.

Idea 2: “Meeting with people” “Feeling connection with history of your own country” and “Photogenic.”

→System to connect tourists with local people. Organizing fun mission (helping farm work, etc.) in which tourists can get to know local people. Producing RPG games (tourists themselves can be the main character) in which they can feel the country’s speialty. Setting up the platform that offers information on good angles for taking beautiful photos, good photo spots, and other useful tips.

Idea 3: Tricks to lead tourists to small discoveries.

→Creating surprise spots, such as placing statue of jizo (guardian deity of children) between buildings.

Idea 4: Outdoor advertisement service

→Creating an application that interfaces with sceneries. When tourists take photo of the place, advertisement would appear. In case the tourists post that particular photos on SNS, its viewers would also see the advertisement resulting for the tourists to gain advertisement fee per viewing.


What is needed to keep the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan rising through the year 2030?

Idea 1: Try to attract tourists mainly from emerging nations.

→Medical tourism including complete medical check, beauty tours, animation tours, meeting demand for halal food, etc.

Idea 2: Jinja (shinto shrine) tours to lean Japanese culture and spirits.

→Simplified certificate exam for miko (female shrine attendant), jinja certificate exam, jinja hostels, taking photo in miko costume, etc.

Idea 3: Inviting movie producers

→Deregulation on filming (movies, music videos, etc.). Building new movie village, etc.



While many foreign tourists visit Japan nowadays, they are having difficulties in finding how to provide tourists with better customer experiences in all sections of the country. We learned a lot from the KEY SPEECH given by Mr. Iwamoto who tries many new ideas by utilizing new technologies and involving many people and companies to solve such issues.

Next Ideathon will invite Mr. Kazuhisa Shibayama, who is a CEO of WealthNavi Inc. and operates a financial start-up company, as a guest speaker to seek for new possibilities in tourism.

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